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Molecular Innovation for Gynecologic Cancers

  OvaGene Oncology
   A focused approach towards personalizing gynecologic cancer care

OvaGene Oncology is a molecular diagnostics company entirely dedicated to helping women with gynecologic cancers by providing their treating gynecologic oncologists with molecular tests developed at OvaGene using the latest technological advancements in gene-based diagnostics.

Clinically available innovative molecular tools designed specifically to address the complexities of gynecologic cancers are few and far between. Genomic based tumor analysis for gynecologic malignancies is no longer a "nice to have" but it is essential to understanding the unique needs of gynecologic cancer patients. 

OvaGene Oncology is excited to be able to fill that void by introducing a unique and innovative collection of gene-based profiles designed to predict recurrence and drug response for gynecologic cancers. OvaGene has the world's most advanced research capabilities in-house, dedicated to developing assays for gynecologic cancer patients.  OvaGene has in-licensed remarkable new proprietary technologies and is currently validating assays that have the potential to lead to significant improvements in the way gynecologic cancers are currently treated.

Every gynecologic cancer patient's tumor is unique and requires a personalized approach to assessment and treatment.  OvaGene provides gynecologic oncologists with the predictive and prognostic tools they need to confidently treat their patients.

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              OvaTOX™ Pharmacogenetic Assay (see Test Menu/Products webpage for more information)
                  Assesses a patient's genetic risk for Platinum and Taxane toxicity before treatment begins

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